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jim barber

barber, james
senior associate dean for academic programs
office: 1104
phone: (757) 221-6208
email: [[jpbarber]]
website: {{http://wmpeople.wm.edu/site/page/jpbarber/home,w&m personal website}}
social media: twitter {{https://twitter.com/jp_barber,@jp_barber}}, linkedin {{https://www.linkedin.com/in/barberjp,@barberjp}}


barko-alva, katherine
assistant professor of esl/bilingual education
office: 3071
phone: (757) 221-6073
email: [[kbarkoalva]]
areas of expertise: esl/ bilingual education, dual language education, family engagement, esl/dlbe teacher preparation, professional development in cld contexts

stephanie blackmon

blackmon, stephanie j.
class of 1963 associate professor of higher education
office: 3080
phone: (757) 221-2419
email: [[sjblackmon]]
twitter: {{https://twitter.com/@stephjblackmon,@stephjblackmon}}
areas of expertise: technology integration in higher education & professional development; trust, privacy, & security in technology use & integration; experiential learning; interdisciplinary teams

brian blouet

blouet, brian
office: 3063
phone: (757) 221 - 2350
email: [[bwblou]]
areas of expertise: secondary education :: curriculum leadership

johnston brendel

brendel, johnston
clinical associate professor
office: 3123
phone: (757) 221 - 2328
email: [[jmbren]]
areas of expertise: counselor education, counselor supervision, counseling regulatory processes, chair of virginia board of counseling

elizabeth burgin

burgin, elizabeth
assistant professor
office: 3090
phone: (757) 221-2346
email: [[eeburgin]]
areas of expertise: military populations, moral injury, emdr, play therapy, child-centered play therapy, adverse childhood experiences

craig cashwell

cashwell, craig
office: 3086
phone: (757) 221-1712
email: [[cscashwell]]
social media: twitter {{https://twitter.com/craigcashwell,@craigcashwell}}, linkedin {{https://www.linkedin.com/in/craig-cashwell-2bba0217,@craig cashwell}}
areas of expertise: integrating religion and spirituality into counseling, trauma counseling, supervision, behavioral/process addictions

chen, jason
associate professor
office: 3058
phone: (757)221-6201
email: [[jachen]]
website: {{http://wmpeople.wm.edu/site/page/jachen/home,w&m personal website}}, {{https://works.bepress.com/jasonchen/,w&m publish website}}
areas of expertise: academic motivation, academic engagement, science education, nature of science, immersive virtual environments, educational technology, stem education

kristen conradi

conradi smith, kristin
associate professor
office: 3111
phone: (757) 221-6212
email: [[keconradi]]
website: {{http://wmpeople.wm.edu/site/page/keconradi/home,w&m personal website}}
area of expertise: reading motivation, assessment, texts, struggling readers

peggie constantino

constantino, peggie
executive associate professor, director of executive ed.d. programs
office: 3106
phone: (757) 221 - 2323
email: [[meconstantino]]
twitter: {{https://twitter.com/search?q=%40wmexeced&src=typd,@wmexeced}}
areas of expertise: k-12 general administration

steve constantino

constantino, steven m.
executive professor
office: 3108
email: [[smconstantino]]
areas of expertise: family and community engagement, k-12 leadership, planning and organizational development

jennifer cross

cross, jennifer riedl
research associate professor and director of research, center for gifted education
office: 3010
phone: (757) 221-2414
email: [[jrcross]]
website: {{http://wmpeople.wm.edu/site/page/jrcross/home,w&m website}}
areas of expertise: psychology and social experience of gifted students, peer relationships, suicidal behavior, high ability and low income

tracy cross

cross, tracy l.
jody and layton smith professor of psychology and gifted education and director, center for gifted education
office: 3129
phone: (757) 221-2210
email: [[tlcross]]
areas of expertise: gifted education, psychology of gifted students, suicide, mental health, educational psychology

jamel donnor

donnor, jamel k.
associate professor of education; affiliated faculty, american studies; affiliated faculty, asian & pacific islander american (apia) studies; affiliated faculty, w&m law school
email: [[jkdonnor]]
areas of expertise: critical race theory & education, u.s. supreme court jurisprudence, american constitutional theory, education & civil rights, black education in the american south, education policy, school desegregation, and race & intercollegiate athletics
website: {{https://www.jamelkdonnor.com,jkd consulting}}

pamela eddy

eddy, pamela
office: 3082
phone: (757) 221 - 2349
email: [[pamela.eddy]]
areas of expertise: leadership development, faculty development, gender in higher education, internationalization of higher education, mid-level leaders, supporting student success
twitter: {{https://twitter.com/pamelaleddy,@pamelaleddy}}

chris gareis

gareis, christopher
office: 3125
phone: (757) 221 - 2319
email: [[crgare]]
website: {{http://wmpeople.wm.edu/site/page/crgare/home,w&m personal website}}
areas of expertise: curriculum development, instructional leadership, classroom assessment, performance-based assessment, program evaluation, teacher mentoring

leslie grant

grant, leslie w.
dorman family term distinguished associate professor
office: 3088
phone: (757) 221-2411
email: [[lwgran]]
social media: twitter {{https://twitter.com/lesliewgrant,@lesliewgrant}}, linkedin {{https://www.linkedin.com/in/leslie-grant-795bb51b3/,@leslie grant}}
areas of expertise: assessment literacy, curriculum development and evaluation, international comparative studies of teaching & learning, program evaluation

daniel gutierrez

gutierrez, daniel
vera w. barkley associate professor
office: 3070
phone: (757) 221-1824
email: [[dgutierrez]]
areas of expertise: positive psychology, contemplative practices

judi harris

harris, judi
professor and pavey family chair in educational technology
office: 3112
phone: (757) 221 - 2334
email: [[judi.harris]]
website: {{https://scholarworks.wm.edu/do/search/?q=author_lname%3a%22harris%22%20and%20author_fname%3a%22judith%22&start=0&context=4347449&sort=date_desc&facet=, w&m scholarworks database}}
areas of expertise: technological pedagogical content knowledge (tpck/tpack), curriculum-based technology integration, qualitative research design and methods, teaching and learning online

pamela harris

harris, pamela
clinical assistant professor
phone: (757) 634-3876
email: [[pnharris]]
area of expertise: school counseling, school-family partnerships, college & career readiness of k-12 black females, culturally responsive counselor preparation

natoya haskins

haskins, natoya
associate dean and director of diversity and inclusion and class of 1955 associate professor
office: 3092
phone: 757-221-2345
email: [[nhhaskins]]
areas of expertise: supportive structures for african american graduate student women, socially just school counseling, antiracism curriculum development in counselor education

hofer, mark
professor and director, w&m studio for teaching & learning innovation
office: swem library g64
phone: (757) 221-1713
email: [[mjhofe]]
website: {{http://markhofer.net,markhofer.net}}
twitter: {{https://twitter.com/markhofer,@markhofer}}

ting huang

huang, ting
assistant professor
office: 3055
phone: (757) 221-1900
email: [[thuang03]]
area of expertise: online education, digital literacies, foreign language education (esl, chinese as a fl, bilingual education), reading, diversity, and classical chinese

heartly huber

huber, heartley
assistant professor
office: 3075
phone: 757-221-2150
email: [[hbhuber]]
areas of expertise: special education


johnson, denise
office: 3064
phone: (757) 221-1528
email: [[cdjohn]]
areas of expertise: elementary education: reading, literacy leadership


johnson, lindy l.
associate professor and chair, curriculum & instruction
office: 3109
phone: (757) 221 - 2333
email: [[lljohnson]]
website: {{http://wmpeople.wm.edu/site/page/lljohnson/home,w&m personal website}}
twitter: {{https://twitter.com/lindyljohnson,@ lindyljohnson}}

meredith kier

kier, meredith
gerdelman family term distinguished associate professor
office: 3119
phone: (757) 221-2332
email: [[mwkier]]
areas of expertise: equity in stem education, professional partnerships in stem classrooms, preparation and retention of social-justice oriented science teachers

esther kim

kim, esther june
assistant professor
office: 3056
phone: (757) 221-2348
email: [[ejkim05]]
areas of expertise: social studies education, civic education, religion and schools


kim, kh
office: 3122
phone: (757) 221 - 1328
email: [[kkim]]
areas of expertise: educational foundations

mihyeon kim

kim, mihyeon
clinical associate professor and director of pre-collegiate learner programs
office: 3017
phone: (757) 221 - 2458
email: [[mxkim3]]
areas of expertise: pre-collegiate learner programs, enrichment programs, focusing on the future

robert c. knoeppel

knoeppel, robert c.
office: 1112c
phone: (757) 221-2315
email: [[rknoeppel]]
areas of expertise: education finance, education reform, educational leadership

gladys krause

krause, gladys
assistant professor
office: 3066
phone: (757) 221-6083
email: [[ghkrause]]
website: {{https://gladyskrause.pages.wm.edu/,w&m personal website}}
twitter: {{https://twitter.com/gladyshkrause?lang=en, @gladyshkrause}}

kathryn lanouette

lanouette, kathryn
assistant professor
office: 3049
email: [[lanouette]]
social media: twitter {{https://twitter.com/lanouette_k,@lanouette_k}}
areas of expertise: learning sciences, elementary science education, place-based education, design-based research, participatory gis technologies

jessica martin

martin, jessica
clinical assistant professor
phone: (409) 651-9717
email: [[jlmartin]]
areas of expertise: clinical mental health counseling, rehabilitation counseling, multicultural counseling, clinical supervision

marguerite mason

mason, marguerite
office: 3115
phone: (757) 221 - 2327
email: [[mmmaso]]
areas of expertise: secondary education: mathematics

ryan mcgill

mcgill, ryan
associate professor and chair, school psychology & counselor education
office: 3120
phone: 757-221-6072
email: [[rmcgill]]
website: {{https://rjmcgill.com,www.rjmcgill.com}}
facebook: {{https://www.facebook.com/ebspsych/,@ebspsych}}

patrick mullen

mullen, patrick r.
associate professor and counselor education program coordinator
office: 3076
phone: 757-221-6071
email: [[prmullen]]
website: {{http://wmpeople.wm.edu/site/page/prmullen/aboutme,prmullen.com}}
twitter: {{https://twitter.com/prmullen,@prmullen}}

spencer g. niles

niles, spencer
office: 3118
phone: (757) 221-1810
email: [[sgniles]]
areas of expertise: positive psychology in counseling and career interventions, career development theory and practice, leadership in higher education

janise parker

parker, janise
assistant professor of school psychology
office: 3127
phone: (757) 221-6086
email: [[jparker]]
areas of expertise: sociocultural factors and positive youth development among black students, culturally responsive behavioral and mental health services, religious/spiritual diversity among minoritized youth

leandra parris

parris, leandra
assistant professor
office: 3067
phone: (757) 221-2341
email: [[lparris]]
twitter: {{https://twitter.com/parrisleandra,@parrisleandra}}
areas of expertise: equity-centered & trauma-informed care in schools, social media impacts on youth, peer aggression, prevention/intervention for traumatic stress, social justice in school psychology, effective training in school psychology

pat popp

popp, patricia
clinical associate professor, virginia ehcy state coordinator
office: 2129a
phone: (757) 221-7776
email: [[pxpopp]]
website: {{//www.betsyguitar.com/centers/hope/, project hope}}
areas of expertise: instruction and policy related to students experiencing high mobility

deborah ramer

ramer, debbie
clinical faculty in special education; director, elementary education program: principal investigator, w&m ttac
office: 3052
phone: (757) 221-2329
email: [[dlrame]]
areas of expertise: special education, literacy instruction & structured literacy, assessment, classroom & behavior management, trauma-informed pedagogy, traumatic brain injury

coralis solomon

solomon, coralis
online clinical assistant professor
phone: (407) 968-6534
email: [[csolomon]]
website: {{https://selfcompassionlife.com/, self-compassion life}}
areas of expertise: mindful self-compassion approaches for burnout prevention and emotional resilience, multicultural & social justice issues addressing racial battle fatigue, school-based mental health counseling interventions for teachers and underserved populations, and trauma focused interventions

noelle st. germain-sehr

st. germain-sehr, noelle
clinical assistant professor and counseling clinical experience director (online programs)
phone: (940) 268-4273
email: [[nstgermainsehr]]
area of expertise: sensory processing disorder (spd), transpersonal perspectives in counseling, mindfulness meditation, lgbtq+ affirmative counseling, gender socialization, women's issues

steve staples

staples, steven
executive professor
office: 3104
phone: (757) 221-2342
email: [[srstap]]
areas of expertise: k-12 administration

loriann stretch

stretch, loriann
clinical associate professor, coordinator of the online counseling program
office: 3094
phone: (312) 619-1359
email: [[lsstretch]]
social media: linkedin {{https://www.linkedin.com/in/lastretch,@lastretch}}
areas of expertise: creativity, experiential therapies, global counseling, telehealth, supervision, ethics, counseling law, trauma recovery and stabilization

james stronge

stronge, james h.
heritage professor
office: 3120
phone: (757) 221-2339
email: [[jhstro]]
areas of expertise: teacher and leader effectiveness, teacher and leader evaluation, teacher selection, human resource leadership, international comparative schooling related to school and educator effectiveness

elizabeth talbott

talbott, elizabeth
associate dean for research & faculty development
office: 2121
phone: (757) 221-2335
email: [[ehtalbott]]
social media: twitter {{https://twitter.com/betsytalbott1,@betsytalbott1}}
website: {{https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=ys3lnh0aaaaj&hl=en, google scholar}}

carol tieso

tieso, carol
office: 3057
phone: (757) 221 - 2461
email: [[clties]]
areas of expertise: gifted education


tschannen-moran, megan
office: 3116
phone: (757) 221-2187
email: [[mxtsch]]
website: {{https://mxtsch.pages.wm.edu/,w&m personal website}}
areas of expertise: k-12 general administration

tom ward

ward, thomas
professor and chair, educational policy, planning & leadership
office: 3068
phone: (757) 221-2358
email: [[tjward]]
areas of expertise: educational foundations :: research methods

erica wiborg

wiborg, erica r.
visiting assistant professor
office: 3053
phone: (757) 221-1893
email: [[erwiborg]]
twitter: {{https://twitter.com/erwiborg, @erwiborg}}
areas of expertise: leadership education, student affairs administration, race and racism in higher education, whiteness, critical leadership pedagogy, critical discourse analysis