graduate education association

current opportunities for engagement

the purpose of the graduate education association is two-fold: to serve as both a visible and transparent governing body as well as a graduate student-led resource for all graduate students at william & mary’s 日本vs西班牙让球 .

the gea works to foster social, academic, and professional interaction among the graduate education students, faculty and administration; to provide accessible and inclusive opportunities for the exchange of ideas, to the academic and local community across all 日本vs西班牙让球 programs; to provide opportunities for community service within the surrounding community; to represent the graduate students of the 日本vs西班牙让球 at official functions and on committees of william & mary; and to govern in matters of 日本vs西班牙让球 discipline and honor code violations.

all graduate students in the 日本vs西班牙让球 who have been admitted to a program and/or are enrolled in one or more classes are members.

for more information visit the gea’s website  or follow us on our facebook group page. if you have any further questions, concerns, or comments, please e-mail the gea exec at