transforming students, schools and communities

the 日本vs西班牙让球 prepares transformative leaders for a rapidly-changing world and educational landscape. our faculty, students, alumni and partners are constantly working to create new knowledge in the fields of educational theory, practice and policy — then taking that research and developing meaningful ways to put it to work in classrooms and clinics.

we offer a wide range of graduate degree programs inteacher education;educational policy, planning and leadership; andcounseling. in the past few decades, the 日本vs西班牙让球 has become an institutional leader in advanced studies, accounting for nearly a third of the master's degrees and almost half of all research doctoral degrees awarded at william & mary every year.

today, the 日本vs西班牙让球 continues to take pride in its fusion of liberal arts education and professional studies at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. we're evolving our programs to best meet the needs of today's learners, including by offering part-time and online options for working professionals. our fullyonline master's degrees in counselingmirror our nationally-recognized on-campus programs, and our hybridexecutive ed.d.andmaster's programsin school leadership offer ascholarly-practitioner model that unites theory, inquiry and practice.

we partner with schools and other educational insitutions to improve and empower communities locally, throughout virginia and beyond. ourcenters and projectsidentify emerging needs, provide ongoing professional development for practitioners, address issues of access and equity, and develop innovative solutions to local and global challenges in education.

join us as we work to make a real difference in the lives of students, schools and communities.